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About me

I am passionate about capturing life’s candid moments.

My love of soccer intertwines seamlessly with my passion for imagery, it's a unique blend that's led me on an incredible journey—

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Photography | Video | Drone

Portraiture | Fashion | Sport 

Passionate about capturing life’s candid moments, I thrive in the art of lifestyle, portraiture, and action photography. Despite the challenge of photographing those who shy away from the lens, I’ve mastered the art of seizing the best candid shots.


Basically, I take a a shit ton of pictures and, dare I say I’m a natural?

 I revel in turning dreaded portraiture shoots into magical experiences. Whether snapping from citi bikes, through car windows, or perched on fire escapes, I always find the perfect perspective to tell a compelling story.


My love for soccer intertwines seamlessly with my passion for imagery. This unique blend has led me on an incredible journey—from owning a part of a professional soccer team to co-founding and serving as the creative director at Two Bridges. I’ve even contributed to building a soccer boarding school in Germany and now find myself on an exciting trajectory with the Brooklyn Football Club. My lens has taken me to diverse places, and each click is a testament to my unwavering dedication to capturing life’s beautiful moments.

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